Creating The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Melbourne Campus

GA Melbourne
12A, 45 William Street
Melbourne Australia 3000

Past Locations for this Workshop

Creating The Ultimate Competitive Advantage | Melbourne

Melbourne Campus

GA Melbourne
12A, 45 William Street
Melbourne Australia 3000

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

People have never felt more disconnected, anxious and overwhelmed - the world is an uncertain place. There’s more competition than ever. Humans are hardwired to connect. We are all motivated by the desire to belong and to be loved.

Being able to use empathy to gain a deeper understanding of your audience means that everything you do and say can be tailored to connect with them on a human level (potential client, boss or employee). Feeling understood fast-tracks credibility, build instant trust and allows for true connection which creates intangible value within the context of any transaction that shifts it from a transaction to a relationship.

Relationships are treated very differently from transactions. There’s a level of commitment and investment that provides a barrier to commoditisation. When the entire process from marketing through to on-boarding and beyond is created with an emotionally pre-emptive level of empathy - the experience deepens the bond within the relationship - ultimately leading to loyalty beyond reason - aka the ultimate competitive advantage.

The commercial application of this principle means:

  • Lower cost of acquisition of new customers
  • Improved sales conversion rate
  • Better ROI on marketing overall
  • Improved employee engagement & productivity
  • Reduced time handling customer complaints
  • Improved number and quality of referrals
  • Improved profitability


Students will learn:

  • A new perspective on marketing and business
  • The impact of initial positioning on the entire sales funnel & bottom line
  • The way the brain really takes in information and makes decisions vs. the way most of us think it does - and how we need to change the way we pitch, present and communicate
  • How to fast-track connection and build credibility to increase conversions
  • The key ingredient to an on-boarding process that improves retention, satisfaction and referrals

Prereqs & Preparation

Nothing - other than they need a job or a business of some sort to be able to meaningfully apply what they learn afterwards.

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