Combatting Imposter Syndrome: How to Build Confidence & Overcome Self-Doubt

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Combatting Imposter Syndrome: How to Build Confidence & Overcome Self-Doubt | Edinburgh

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Imposter syndrome is termed as feeling like a fraud. Earning the stripes and yet feeling like failure. Research states that over 66% of professionals suffer from imposter syndrome and a lack of confidence; directly impacting their self perception; progression and promotions. This workshop is your step away from the negative and into real life worked and proven examples, which you can start implementing from the moment you leave.

In this interactive session, we will touch on associated topics such as confidence, imposter syndrome, communication styles and delve into personalities, diversity and differences - leaving with a stronger, confident and powerful sense of self!

Through a series of exercises, theories and examples, participants will learn how to deal with imposter syndrome, confidently. There will be a series of group, pair and individual exercises. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have actionable strategies for leveraging strengths and addressing challenge areas. We understand that every has a diverse personality and so modules will take this into account when creating interactive and group exercises.


  • Learn theories and strategies on confidence and imposter syndrome
  • Understand the underlying mental and mindful strategies associated with having more confidence
  • Participate in methods to overcome imposter syndrome.
  • Learn new ways of handling stress and nerves associated with presenting yourself in high pressure situations.
  • Develop an understanding of your own strengths and examples of successes.
  • Receive resources and online suggestions of podcasts, books and articles to read.

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