Coffee Chat: Deciding on Data

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Coffee Chat: Deciding on Data | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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(*Note: An appointment must be made. Please ensure a team member has reached out to you to book in a team before showing up on the day!)

Are you curious about General Assembly’s upcoming Data Analytics Immersive Course?

Whether you’re looking to start a career, level up or cross-over into a role that requires you to know Data Analytics - or you just need a coffee - schedule a time for a 1:1 chat with a member of our admissions team! They will talk you through the curriculum, course objectives and career outcomes, help you determine if the course is a fit for you, and answer any questions that you may have.

Drop your details here and we'll get in touch to setup a half hour window that suits you.

What is the difference between Data Analytics and Data Science? Data Analytics and Data Science are unique fields that can be differentiated by their scope when approaching projects. Data science is an umbrella term for fields that are used to mine large data sets, while Data Analytics is more focused and hones in on specific datasets to draw deep, purposeful insights in answer to specific questions. Data science is more concerned with asking questions, while Data Analytics is focused on finding answers.

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