Change Is The Only Constant: An Introduction to Change Management

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Change Is The Only Constant: An Introduction to Change Management | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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Change is indeed the only constant and the past year has been a classic example of this. As we continue to navigate uncharted territory, it is extremely necessary for businesses to have a concrete change management plan. But what exactly is change management?

To put it simply, it is a structured approach to help implement any change in an organization. It recognizes that change can be a difficult and painful process for the company and its people and hence the goal is to understand, plan, communicate, and implement change in a way that causes minimal disruption.

As organizations forge ahead in this new normal, change management needs to take priority. Come join us for this webinar where our change management expert will touch on how to notice signs that your business is prime for a change, steps to launch a change campaign, and the requirements for successful change implementation. Walk away with solid tips on how to handle resistance to change and build your business’s tolerance to changes so that you are better prepared for possible uncertainties in the future.

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