Business for Social Good: Conscious Cannabiz

Business for Social Good: Conscious Cannabiz | Winnipeg

Attend the next event on Tuesday, 26 October.

About this event

Consciousness is everything you experience. It is the song stuck in your head. The lingering taste of your favorite dish, the emotional turmoil of misplacing your keys, the strong bond with your child, and the bittersweetness of accepting the things we cannot change but finding ways to enhance those elements.

The Cannabis Education Guild (CEG) is a platform focused on global cannabis education and social good. CEG aims to help build a commercial understanding of the legal and emerging cannabis markets while creating a lasting social impact. We've partnered up with The Cannabis Education Guild to host a series of events around intentional approaches towards starting or transforming a cannabis business endeavor.

Join us for an exploration of ways consumers and businesses can join forces to elevate the future of social good in the Canna-biz Industry.

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