Building an Innovation Mindset

Building an Innovation Mindset | Salt Lake City

About this workshop

Everyone talks about the need to ‘Innovate,’ and encourages you to ‘think differently.’ So, how do you begin building a practice of innovation? Improvisation can develop the creativity necessary to innovate and find new solutions where there previously was static. In this workshop you’ll utilize the skills and lessons of improvisation to practice risk-taking, learn new ways of handling negative emotions constructively and find new ways to build trust with your colleagues. Participants will come away with a greater trust in yourself, plus have loads of fun and laughs in the process!


  • Learn effective communication tools to help teams innovate
  • Develop problem solving techniques
  • Enhance your leadership capabilities and create new ways of operating in your everyday work

Prereqs & Preparation

This workshop is open to everyone! Entrepreneurs, new start-up teams, and anyone looking to increase their confidence and leadership capabilities.

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