Body Language for Virtual Meetings and Interviews

Body Language for Virtual Meetings and Interviews | Minneapolis

About this workshop

In this sudden switch to all things virtual, how do you maintain great soft skills and continue to express executive presence? Research shows 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft and people skills. Employers want great communication from team players who are compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, and able to create a safe psychological space. How do we do this through the computer when most of these soft skills are non-verbal and seen in person?

Virtual meetings can be great equalizers or shift power dynamics. Compounding factors like stress, worry and negativity easily creep in to sabotage your meeting and business progress.

In this fun and interactive workshop, learn best practices for our nonverbal behavior when meeting through the computer screen. From set up, to your first impression to closing the meeting, there are new challenges and awkward moments to overcome as the leader. With over 70% of our communication from nonverbal signals, learning how the signals we send and receive change on screen is critical to our business success. Cut through the noise, be a positive force and come through the epidemic in a stronger leadership position than before.


  • Screen position, background and other factors that are harming your online first impression.

  • The nature of video- how it alters the signals you send and receive.

  • Instant shifts to be more trusted and authentic on screen.

  • Using posture shifts to be more persuasive with your team.

  • The secrets of shoulders- what they “say” and how to use this information to improve your conversation.

Prereqs & Preparation

This workshop will occur completely online using Zoom and Slack. You will need access to a laptop or computer with a working webcam and microphone as well as a strong internet connection. Pre-work and course set up information will be emailed to all students signed up around 24 hours before (and again an hour before) your workshop launches.

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