Are You Doing Social Media Marketing Wrong?

Tuesday, 8 June

4 5 am EDT

Online (Online)

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Are You Doing Social Media Marketing Wrong? | June 8

Christopher Melotti Photo

Marketing, Social Media and Copywriting Aficionado, Founder of Melotti Media

Kristin Hancock Photo

Director, Font & Swatch

Mike Sandys Photo

Managing Director, Oddball Marketing

Arielle Bowers Photo

Creative Director & Founder, Two Giraffes


Tuesday, 8 June

4 5 am EDT

GA Sydney (Online)

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About This Event

Social media is a staple part of our lives, business and marketing today. Everyone is there. But that's made it a supersaturated channel of messages all vying for even seconds of our customers' precious attention.

Brands are throwing things up there now and hoping for the best - but most are seeing little (if any) return and wondering what's going wrong. Others are overwhelmed with which channels to choose.

This energetic panel involves four professional and practising marketers, Arielle Peters (Two Giraffes Video Production Studio), Christopher Melotti (Melotti Media Copywriting), Kristin Hancock (Font and Switch Design) and Mike Sandys (OddBall Marketing Agency), who will discuss how to overcome the social media confusion.

These four are known aptly as "The 4 Marketers" and will have a spirited discussion over the nature of social media success and what that looks like today for businesses.

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  • Demystify the whole social media scene of 2021
  • Hear from an experienced marketing panel
  • See four different marketing perspectives
  • Understand how each business approaches social media
  • Learn about what contributes to success
  • Discover practical and proven tactics to get the results you're after

About the Instructors

Christopher Melotti Photo

Marketing, Social Media and Copywriting Aficionado,
Founder of Melotti Media

Christopher Melotti is a Marketing Consultant and Content Copywriting Aficionado who lives by the motto "Continually challenge, consistently grow, constantly humbled, confidently show." He owns his own Copywriting and Marketing business, Melotti Media (, where he and his team work with a wide range of clients from Insurance to Real Estate, Creative Agency, Web Design, Logistics, Financial, AI and more. He also runs, is a published author, and won the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Year award in 2017 (amongst many others).

Christopher possesses a solid range of Marketing experience including strategy, digital, social media, content writing, creative, promotion and communications, having personally initiated, developed and launched several successful marketing campaigns across a diverse range of industries, for which he was awarded the 2015 Australian Marketing Institute’s (AMI) Highly Commended Future Leader Award for Marketing excellence.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce and Marketing, a Masters Degree in Commercial and Business Law, and has commenced an MBA. He has a creative energy and enthusiastic flair, with a strong belief in entrepreneurial spirit and professional respect.

One of his major passions is presenting and teaching people so they can profit off his experience, which is why people enjoy attending and hold him in such high regard.

Kristin Hancock Photo

Font & Swatch

Kristin is husband to Sarah and father to three daughters. He holds a Bachelor of Business from ACU and Master of Commerce from Sydney University. Kristin lived and worked in the UK for 15years before returning with his family to Australia in 2011. He spent 14 years working with PricewaterhouseCoopers before moving to the private sector where he has worked for listed and private equity-backed businesses. Kristin has held multiple Senior Executive and Director roles.

In 2016 Kristin joined Font & Swatch to pursue his passion for branding and creative design and for owning and shaping his own business.

Mike Sandys Photo

Managing Director,
Oddball Marketing

Mike Sandys is the managing director of Oddball Marketing. A marketing agency that helps its clients stand out from the competition and 10x their revenues. Unlike the ol’ days, Marketing these days can be tracked, measured and analysed to deliver the best results. At Oddball, they focus their customers' marketing budget on activities that deliver the best ‘bang for buck’.

Mike has spent the last 16 years in Marketing. Starting off in data analysis and then moving into market research, Mike built a solid ground game in the numbers behind marketing. It’s how he started measuring the performance of marketing efforts and identifying the channels that delivered the best results.

He is passionate about marketing and is driven to understand consumer behaviour and how we are influenced to make purchasing decisions. It’s the mix of art and science that drives him to create marketing campaigns that continually deliver better results. It’s this knowledge that is at the core of Oddball’s marketing campaigns and why they achieve such amazing results.

Arielle Bowers Photo

Creative Director & Founder,
Two Giraffes

Arielle Bowers is an award-winning Producer & Creative Director with over 15 years’ experience in the film and media industry. Arielle is originally from Los Angeles, California where she worked on some of the highest-rated live events in Hollywood, such as the MTV Movie Awards, the Emmy’s

Bitten by the travel bug, Arielle left Hollywood to produce and direct the international travel show Chasing the World, which picked up awards from the ITV Film Festival, featured at Cannes Film festival and has been broadcast on streaming channels in both live action and Virtual Reality.

Arielle has been based in Australia for eight years, producing high-end marketing and advertising content, docu-series and social change films for some of the most recognised brands and Not For Profits in Australia. Since then, she’s formed strong bonds with some of the most talented directors, cinematographers, VR specialists, editors, colourists, sound engineers that Australia has to offer.

Arielle Bowers now uses her vast skills, knowledge and connections to run Two Giraffes, a full-service video production and animation studio, creating engaging stories for companies like UNSW, Westpac, Lenovo, Transport for NSW and many more.

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To do this, Melotti Media Copywriting and Message Marketing Bureau provides our cherished clients with highly coveted message marketing and content copywriting services, all backed by years of experience and award-winning expertise.

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