An Introduction to Machine Learning and AI for Geeks

Past Locations for this Workshop Series

An Introduction to Machine Learning and AI for Geeks

Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Workshop Series

About this workshop series

Are you a developer and have been wondering what all that talk around AI is all about? Have you heard tons about it and are curious to find out more? Maybe you're even thinking of getting into AI and are wondering where to start?

GA has teamed up with The HK AI Society to answer these questions for you. It is time for us to get together with our fellow techies, share with those who want to know how AI really works, and learn how you can build your own models in no time.

We will start out with a two-part session and introduce you to high level concepts and ideas. This will be followed by a step by step guide to get into all the finer details of what it means to actually implement AI systems.

Join us and see how quickly you can join the exciting field of AI development. Soon enough you will be familiar with neural networks, feature engineering and model evaluation. With that knowledge it will be easy to build your own models and bring them into production.

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