A Return to Realness: Bringing Authenticity Back to Social Media

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A Return to Realness: Bringing Authenticity Back to Social Media | Perth

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Past Locations for this Event

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Despite social media platforms being built on the foundation of wanting humans to meet and get to know each others’ authentic selves, we have now been conditioned to only showcase our ‘best bits’ online.

As if life is just one big highlight reel, most seem to only be sharing carefully curated and beautifully filtered moments on their social media platforms. In this perfectly curated digital world, it is easy to get trapped in the pitfalls of comparison. However, the reality is that one’s ‘Insta-life’ is not representative of their true self. As more and more social media users are becoming aware of this, they are seeking real and authentic experiences from brands and influencers alike.

Learn from our panel of experts as they share how companies and individuals can return to the good old days of social media platforms and how to inject authenticity to their presence and interactions for optimal outcomes. They will also discuss what lies ahead for social media users and how you can be prepared to embrace sharing authentic, everyday moments.

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