2-Day Build a Website with WordPress Bootcamp

September 25 – September 26
2 Sessions

Jacksonville (Online)

$300 USD

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2-Day Build a Website with WordPress Bootcamp | September 25

Nate Cooper Photo

Managing Partner, SWARM


September 25 – September 26
2 Sessions


$300 USD
$300 USD

Questions? Read our FAQs

About This Workshop Series

Wordpress is awesome, but often misunderstood. Is it a blogging platform? A CMS? Should you buy a custom theme or develop your own? Wordpress.com vs. Wordpress.org?

In this course you’ll develop a custom site starting from scratch. Basically, you’ll take a static front-end HTML/CSS template and do all the necessary magic to have that site running live and dynamic using Wordpress.

Afterwards, your clients will be able to edit content themselves, manage the site’s navigation, and leverage an array of existing plug-ins that will help take the site from a simple blog to a fully functional CMS. All customizable; all on Wordpress.

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If this class is recorded, students will be sent the recording link within 7 days after class completion by email. Students are encouraged to download and save any shared materials (worksheets, deck if applicable) during class for later reference as they are not be shared by email.


Sep 25
Saturday, 25 September 12 6 pm EDT Session I

Day 1

  • What is WordPress? (.org vs .com)
  • Hosting + Web development
  • Dashboard, Post/Pages
  • Code Editor
  • HTML/CSS Basics
  • How Do You Set up WP.org
Sep 26
Sunday, 26 September 12 6 pm EDT Session II

Day 2

  • Appearance - Themes, Menus
  • Plugins
  • Building a child theme
  • Customizing TwentyTwelve
  • Recognizing PHP statements
  • Exporting posts
  • Backing up/migrating
  • Settings


  • Understand the capabilities of Wordpress as a blogging platform and CMS.
  • Learn basic HTML and CSS
  • Develop a custom website from scratch
  • Learn how to customize navigation
  • Understand how to leverage the Wordpress plug-in library


  • You will need access to a laptop or computer with a working webcam and microphone as well as a strong internet connection.
  • This class will occur completely online using Zoom.
  • Class setup information will be emailed to all students signed up around 24 hours before (and again an hour before) your class launches.
  • Each individual class participant must have purchased a ticket

About the Instructor

Nate Cooper Photo

Managing Partner,

Nate Cooper is the Managing Partner at SWARM (founded in 2013) in New York City. Nate has been developing websites professionally since 1997. After working in marketing at Apple Inc, Nate established himself within the New York tech and startup community.

His writing has appeared in Mashable and his book Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS and WordPress has been a bestseller in Programming: CSS books on Amazon.com. At SWARM Nate manages a dynamic team to validate, create, and scale profitable digital products - proving that they can be safely invested in.

SWARM helps product and marketing teams at mid-market or enterprise companies get a website, app, or other digital product to $1M within 18 months and on the road to 15% of company revenue in the next 5 years.

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