Digital Foundations

Digital Foundations

Learn the mindset and language of digital transformation.

Agile methodologies, customer journeys, prototypes, LTV, MVP, UX. You’ve heard these terms in passing, but you’d need an authoritative understanding of them to successfully navigate the digital economy.

This course arms students with a digital mindset in key areas from customer centricity to data-driven decision making. Join thousands of professionals around the world who use Digital Foundations to prime themselves for success.

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  • 10+ hours world class curriculum

  • Certificate of completion

  • Access anywhere, anytime

  • Assessment and personal score report

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Who is This For?

This course offers the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime on GA’s dynamic learning platform. It’s great for:

Leaders establishing familiarity with digital essentials.

Individuals who are updating their skills and literacy.

Teams to bolster employee onboarding and ongoing learning and development programs.


Assess your digital literacy using the Digital Foundations Assessment, which is included as part of this program to guide learning and evaluate progress.

Participants receive a personal score report that details their performance and identifies opportunities for growth.

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  1. Be Customer-Centric

    • Becoming a customer-centric organization 

    • New customer decision journey 

    • Conducting user research

    • Social listening, personalization 

    • Synthesizing research

    • Defining your user’s problem

    • Creating personas

  2. Experiment

    • Experimentation and application of lean principles

    • Wireframing a user interface 

    • Designing an A/B test 

    • Usability testing basics

    • Prioritizing features

  3. Practice Agile Methods

    • Agile development

    • User stories

    • Agile ceremonies

    • Managing your work with agile

  1. Activate Growth

    • Objective-first marketing

    • Tracking success in the marketing funnel 

    • Intro to SEO

    • Intro to content marketing

    • Intro to email marketing

    • Intro to social media

    • Intro to influencer marketing

    • Foundations of e-commerce

  2. Be Data-Driven

    • The data framework,

    • data acquisition for marketers,

    • finding the right data,

    • identifying and handling problematic data,

    • creating tables for exploratory analysis,

    • charting and visualizing data.

  3. Evaluate Trends

    • Augmented and virtual reality 

    • Chatbots

    • AI for marketers 

    • Big data 

    • APIs

    • Algorithms