From flight departures to ticket sales, consider how much data Cathay Pacific creates in one day alone — and the strategic insights it holds. Learn to harness the power of data in our data classes in Hong Kong. You’ll get high-level big data training, then dive deep into analytical techniques.

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Meet Anson Au, Data Analytics Graduate

Anson Au

Impacting Business Through Data

Anson Au wanted to find a technical solution to help anticipate ordering complexities at his Hong Kong-based concrete supply company. He found one as a student in GA’s part-time Data Science course, applying the skills and techniques he learned to his company’s real data sets. “One of the great things that Mart, our instructor, did was show us how to approach a set of data and how to attack and analyse it,” he said. By the end of the course, Au had designed a new, improved algorithm that has since helped save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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