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With GA’s leading-edge hiring services, cultivate the talent your company needs to thrive.

  1. Connect with expert-trained, job-ready candidates from our rigorous coding, data, and design courses.
  2. Create custom hiring programs and fill hundreds of roles simultaneously, at a lower cost.
  3. Expand diversity initiatives and cultivate a culture of inclusion and innovation.

Acquiring skilled tech talent is a time-consuming, costly challenge. Let GA do the heavy lifting.

Leverage General Assembly's Talent Pipeline as a Service (TPaaS) and our exclusive pool of developers, data scientists, and UX designers.


Hire Individual Candidates

Tell us about your open roles and ideal team member. We’ll put the best fit in front of you.


Source Full Teams

We provide top talent at any scale — whether you need one dozen or several hundred new employees.


Attend Exclusive Hiring Events

Join us on campus to meet skilled, motivated coders, designers, and data scientists.


Host Private Hiring Events

Get an edge on the competition with an intimate, custom hiring event for your company.


Scout Early

Find rising stars-in-training through mock interviews, portfolio reviews, and professional development.


Diversify Your Company

Transform company culture by bringing a broad range of voices and experiences to your workplace.

Transform your team today.

Discover solutions for your hiring goals and challenges.

Resources and Strategies to Meet Your Needs

B2B Find Your Next Great Hire
Let us introduce you

A Global Network of Unparalleled Talent

Effective individuals in web development, data, and design are crucial in industries from finance, to consumer goods, to advertising, and beyond. Still, companies struggle to fill key roles due to limited local hiring markets.


GA-trained talent is located worldwide, versed in vital skills, and eager to transform your business. Our extensive pool of candidates hail from GA’s 20 global campuses and robust online programs, and are ready to fill your needs on site, remotely, or relocate as you need.

B2B Fostering Diverse Cultures
Foster diverse cultures in the workplace

Hiring for Diversity

Studies show that creative solutions are a by-product of diverse experiences, perspectives, and cultural backgrounds. We work with employers to bolster a broad range of voices in the workplace and transform company culture for the better.


GA’s team can help you recruit women, people of color, veterans, and other underrepresented groups in tech. Through our programs and partnerships (including Adobe Digital Academy, Opportunity Fund, CodeBridge, and TechIMPACT) companies have doubled their diversity numbers, onboarded employees representative of the broader population, and made other strides in evolving their workforces.

Profile image for Hire
Browse expert-trained, job-ready candidates

Profiles: Our Dynamic Recruitment Tool

Save time and money on recruiting with Profiles, our dynamic, easy-to-use, custom recruitment platform.


Search our alumni by skills, desired roles, and location. View their portfolios, work experience, and specializations, while gaining insight into what motivates and inspires them. You can also find candidates by posting a job listing — for free!

Discover Top Talent

Connect with candidates through GA's custom hiring platform.

Case Study: How a Leading Software Company Filled Gaps With Diverse Talent

When a major digital software brand faced a dual shortage of web developers and staff diversity, it partnered with GA to find solutions.

Fostering Diversity

Filling Tech Roles and Fostering Diversity

One large software company was ready to take its business to the next level and had hundreds of open web developer positions to fill. Company leadership also sought the broad range of perspectives and experiences that came with a more diverse team.

Robust Hiring

Robust Training for Driven Candidates

GA engineered a strategy and custom program to identify prospective talent and train them into web developers.


Through this initiative, motivated individuals — primarily low-income women and people of color — enrolled in GA’s full-time, three-month Web Development Immersive (WDI) course on a full scholarship. Then, WDI graduates participated in on-site apprenticeship and professional development programs at the company, with opportunities for permanent hire.

Highly Skilled Diverse Staff

Highly Skilled and Diverse Software Developers

Through its partnership with GA, the software company is creating the team it needs to innovate while introducing more creative ideas, new perspectives, and deeper insight into the company culture.


On a larger scale, the company is increasing opportunity for people from different backgrounds, and giving hardworking individuals support to thrive in a growing industry. This helps to close the social inequality gap, and fosters a generation of future industry leaders.

“The hiring process through GA is the way recruiting is meant to be done. Hiring over resumes is flawed … Having a portfolio at the ready is an indispensable way for a hiring manager to see firsthand what capabilities a candidate has."

Ron Lin, Co-founder & CTO, Card.com

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