Reskill Your Workforce

Right people, wrong skills? Train employees in essential topics, including data, design, digital marketing, and web development with GA’s Advanced Skills Academies.

  1. Transform strong talent with outdated skills into relevant powerhouses that drive business.
  2. Reduce downsizing and save on recruiting, hiring, and severance.
  3. Grow your business strategically by tapping a reliable talent pipeline: your own.

Turn Talent You Have Into Talent You Need

The tech skills shortage is real. Good news: You already have half of the solution with a workforce you love. The other half lies in GA’s Advanced Skills Academies.


Benchmark Employees

Measure your team against industry standards using proven, data-driven assessments — developed in partnership with global companies.


Tailored Learning Tracks

Refresh talent skill sets where needed. Customized programs are based on challenge areas from each person’s assessment results.

Flexible Format

A Range of Modalities

Employees can learn onsite with Advanced Skills Academies, at a GA campus, or online via our responsive myGA platform.

Lifelong Growth

Leverage Experience

Avoid laying off valuable team members. Use their industry knowledge as a solid foundation for the relevant skills you need.

Transform Your Team Members

Explore what our dynamic programs can do for your company.

How an Insurance Leader Invested in Reskilling Its Workforce — and Won

When technical roles remained unfilled, GA’s intensive training programs helped shift an outdated but loyal team’s skill sets.


Updating a Traditional Industry for the Digital Landscape

Our client needed a versatile team that could deliver effective products for today’s fast-changing economy. The global corporation had a strong employee base with valuable institutional knowledge, but their technical skills were too outdated for these key tech roles.


As talent acquisition costs soared and timelines dragged, the company needed an innovative solution.


Same Employees, Brand New Skills

After benchmarking employee competencies with GA’s assessments, the data revealed a need for coders and user experience (UX) designers to elevate the business.


Employees enrolled in GA’s transformative full-time Immersive courses and acquired new skills in user research, prototyping, full-stack web applications, and more.


Grow Your Talent Base From Within

Our dynamic programs got the insurance giant where they needed to be: tech literate and able to tackle essential software, data, and digital strategy.


Investing in existing employees significantly cut talent acquisition spend, while also filling critical roles in software and digital product development.

Ready to Boost Your Talent Level?

Our team will provide more info on our reskilling programs.