A Dynamic, One-Stop Learning Platform

Thousands of employees, from startups to Fortune 100s, have used General Assembly’s online learning platform to gain and apply new, industry-relevant skills. We host the entire education journey, from assessment, to learning, to dashboard tracking.

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Learn how General Assembly can help you source talent, benchmark skills, and train your team.

Assessment-Led Learning With Proven Results

General Assembly's robust learning tool hosts everything employees need to gain and apply new skills: benchmark testing, Advanced Skills Academies, progress tracking, and more. It offers a seamless experience on computers, phones, and tablets, making it accessible for professionals on the go.


How GA Drives Digital Transformation for Teams and Individuals

We have a proven track record of success training teams at organizations in 65 countries. We’ve partnered with startups, corporations, and more than one-third of companies in the Fortune 100.

Skills That Drive the Economy

Build competency in data, design, marketing, and web development. We’ve leveraged insight from global leaders to pinpoint today’s most crucial tech skills.

Assessment led learning

Assessment-Led Learning

Our interactive platform combines data, leading-edge course design, subject-matter expertise, and more to assess skills and get your workforce on the path to growth.

Award Winning Curriculum

Award-Winning Curriculum

Keep users engaged. We offer a multi-pronged strategy featuring interactive videos, industry case studies, solve-along scenarios, study guides, and more.

On the Go Formats

On-the-Go Learning Formats

Excel in our responsive experience. Access our dynamic platform on computers, phones, and tablets, making it easy for professionals on the move.

Ahead of the Curve

Content Ahead of the Curve

Lessons are updated regularly to reflect changing industries and trending topics. We focus on practical application so employees can put them to use immediately.

Expert Support

Ongoing Expert Support

Our collaborative engagement managers provide customized guidance throughout your experience — from curriculum planning to post-program strategy.

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Find out how GA can help your workforce reach its full potential through assessment-led learning.

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Learn how General Assembly can help you source talent, benchmark skills, and train your team.

From Assessments to Progress Tracking: Your Learning Path at a Glance

Our interactive platform benchmarks users’ skill levels, then immerses them in new digital concepts every business needs. Post-training, your dedicated GA engagement manager provides you with data insights that show your team’s lift in skills knowledge.

Learning on a Laptop

Simple, Seamless Implementation

Getting started is easy. Team members can either access the myGA platform directly, or on your organization’s existing learning management system (LMS) via single sign-on.

Our platform easily integrates with your LMS, where you can promote and drive engagement with internal tools. This ensures both a fast setup from the implementation side and an optimal user experience for your employees.

Monitor showing UX Design

Discover Strengths, Pinpoint Weaknesses

At the start of their journey, your employees take a comprehensive assessment in coding, data, or digital marketing, which measures more than 100 of their skills against industry standards.

Our team then uses this data to provide an in-depth score report that details opportunities for improvement and guides a team member’s personalized learning path. This data-driven approach ensures relevancy and strategic professional growth tied to your business objectives.

Scrolling Mobile phone

Skill Up, Practice, and Apply New Knowledge

Each learning path is curated by our Learning Experience Architects (LXA), who collaborate with instructional designers, experienced industry leaders, and our world-class standards boards to ensure lessons are relevant to today’s benchmarks.

Our holistic educational experience blends video, case studies, and flashcards with fun, interactive knowledge checks and challenges, which measure learning retention and keeps users engaged.

Laptop with Coursework

Track Progress and Keep Improving

Comprehensive progress dashboards help learners know what they’ve completed and what’s up next, keeping them on track to reach your company’s training goals. In-depth team reporting gives you real-time insight into how your employees are improving.

Once users complete training, your engagement manager measures post-training skill improvement, remediating and optimizing learning plans as needed.

Growing Talent With In-Demand Skills


Empower your team to make pivotal business and product decisions using hard data, such as demographics, sales figures, and social media activity. Paths in data analytics and data science focus on key analytical and predictive skills needed to make data-driven decisions for any organization. Dive into critical skills like Excel and SQL to organize and analyze data, and create dashboards that tell a cohesive story to clients and stakeholders. Then, hone in on the power of Python to translate past data models and algorithms to valuable insight into your company’s future.


Create digital products that drive your company. With knowledge in user experience design, your employees can leverage skills that every business needs to build websites and apps that acquire and keep users. Learners will dive into user research, wireframing and prototyping, user interface (UI) design, usability testing, and more to get your digital presence up-to-date.

Web Development

Level up your tech team. Web development learning paths cover the basics of using developer tools such as Terminal, Git, GitHub, basic HTML and CSS, JavaScript, and more. By the end of training, students will have put their web page layout skills to work in a cumulative project that spans multiple units.

Digital Marketing

Transform your marketing strategies into winning campaigns. Our digital marketing curricula helps learners gain a common language to discuss strategy — both across the organization and with your partners and agencies. Team members will learn the ins and outs of the digital marketing framework and the funnel, customer acquisition and channels, conversion and retention, and measurement tools and processes in order to create winning campaigns.

Want to Take Your Team Further?

Where there are critical skill gaps, GA's full-time Immersive programs effectively retrain team members in a rigorous, classroom setting.

Meet the People Who Will Spearhead Your Customized Learning Experiences

Get to know some of our engagement managers, who support you and your team throughout the myGA journey — in-person and online.

Instructor Jay Nappy

Build Relationships Beyond Curriculum

“We’re partners in every sense of the word. We are there to not just provide recommendations from a ‘What do you teach and why?’ standpoint. We also help answer things like ‘How do you successfully roll this out?’ and ‘What’s the best way to message this to my team?’

“As far as expansion, the same thing applies. We see a lot of discussion and really valuable enablement on both sides. Clients will come to the conversation and say, ‘OK. Here’s what we want to do. What do you guys think, and how can you help us?’ It’s a two-way relationship.”

Instructor Alex Collins

Easier, More Accessible Learning

“I’ve heard from some of my clients that myGA is really easy to use. They like that the interface is user-friendly, or they enjoy that it's short, digestible content. Users aren’t just sitting there staring at a lecture or reading for hours — they’re really interacting with the content.

“People also love that assessments provide a starting point and that they can explore lessons in topic areas outside of their prescribed learning path. It really promotes discovery and continued learning.”

Start Optimizing Your Talent

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Learn how General Assembly can help you source talent, benchmark skills, and train your team.