Alumni Story: From WDI to Company Leader

Student Nathan Maas

Nathan Maas (Web Development ImmersiveSeattle) needed a coding education that could deliver confidence and technical skill in a short period of time. After just 12 weeks in General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive (WDI) course in Seattle, he left with a new company and staff.

“I met GA students who went in with limited technical abilities, graduated with deep skill and confidence, and got the jobs they were looking for,” says Maas, a startup founder who’s leveraging his new technical knowledge to help his business thrive. “I also spoke with the GA crew and teachers and saw a really high caliber of dedicated people working toward a vision of empowering people to do what they loved.”

Pennypost, an app that sends homemade digital postcards to loved ones through their Facebook, Instagram, computer, or phone, started out as Maas’ WDI final project. But, surrounded by creativity and talent, his classmates and teachers soon became his colleagues.

“I recognized how talented my classmates and teachers were and I sought out that same enthusiastic crew who supported the idea of Pennypost from my class,” he says. “I asked them to join me in learning through launching a scalable product into the market. We all had the skill, drive, and confidence from our class at GA and that really propelled us forward.”