Alumni Story: Brian Flynn Goes from Developing GA Courses to Web Developer

Brian Flynn

Brian Flynn’s story at General Assembly starts from within GA itself. “I joined GA’s Instructional Design team to make our first online education courses,” says Flynn. “In my two years there, I produced courses in web design, digital marketing, data analysis, user experience design, and JavaScript.” Working with subject matter experts day in and day out to develop curricula, Flynn dove deep into a huge range of topics. It was his “love of the material” that led him to take a string of night courses and weekend workshops at GA: Front-End Web Development, Product Management, Intro to Photoshop, and much more.

“The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn,” Flynn says of his numerous GA courses. “After learning Ruby on Rails ... I was confident that I wanted dive deeper into web development.” That confidence and his faith in the Web Development Immersive curriculum gave Flynn the courage he needed to make the tough decision to leave his role with GA and jump into the program with both feet.

In the WDI, Flynn tore into complex programming languages like JavaScript and Node.js, and built a robust array of other web dev skills that would help him transform his career. The hands-on nature of the program really helped him start thinking like a true web developer. “I loved the projects. Getting to put the skills I learned into practice was always my favorite part of class,” Flynn says. They also brought him closer with his classmates, creating peer, professional, and mentoring relationships that are so vital to post-graduation success. “I really appreciate the friendships I made with my classmates and teachers, many of whom I’m still good friends with today.”

The GA Alumni community turned out to be Flynn’s path to his next adventure and first web development role. Though not a GA alum himself, Joshua Brueckner of Air Tailor (an online service that helps users effortlessly have clothes tailored and repaired) found Flynn through a GA alumni list and brought him on as technical co-founder. In the summer of 2017, they were part of the 1% of companies accepted into the Techstars accelerator program, a program for emerging startups that gives founding teams access to funds, facilities, and guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs.

In the end, Flynn’s experience at GA — both as an employee and a student — improved his ability to adapt to changing situations: “When building a new tech startup, founders have to wear a lot of hats. The classes I helped build and the classes I’ve taken have given me a broad set of knowledge and a network of smart, creative people to look to for guidance.” His new day to day might pull him in a lot of different directions, but Flynn says he’s happier than ever: "My favorite part about my job is developing new digital features for our customers and retail clients, but honestly, I love it all. The responsibility I get to have working on a big idea with a small team pushes and inspires me to keep learning and growing, and has challenged me to be a better person in a lot of ways." Between the training, support, and post-graduation connections, General Assembly Flynn’s comprehensive solution for education and tech-world success.

You can love your work, too. Whether you want to start a new career, advance your current role with coding skills, or be empowered to pursue your passions, there’s an option for you.