10 Years

Cultivating Diverse Tech
Talent Since 2011

Over the past decade, we’ve catalyzed real change in the workplace — a tremendous learning opportunity. From the globalized classroom to removing financial barriers, we've evolved while changing lives in an ever-evolving world.

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2011  Milestone icon

Launched as a coworking space in NYC's Flatiron District.

Our Inspiring

It doesn't take a village, but it does take a classroom.

In 10 years, we've built a global network of 97k+ alumni, gotten our grads hired across 39 markets in 7 countries, and welcomed over 1M workshop and event attendees to our campuses. Meet some of the people who make it all happen.

Noemi Romero Headshot
Noemi Romero
GA Scholarship Recipient,
2018 Web Development Immersive Grad
"For me, quitting is not an option... I am a problem solver. I seek to create useful solutions, whether as a programmer or as a parent."
Manan Shah Headshot
Manan Shah
2017 User Experience Design Immersive Grad, Former Finance VP
"...I came to the conclusion that I want a career that combines my creative passions with my research and data-driven skills. That is when I found UX..."
Stephanie Johnson Headshot
Stephanie Johnson
2020 User Experience Design Immersive Grad, Mom of 2
"I get excited about digging into the complex layers of people, finding trends, and using that information to improve the user experience."
Terry Rice Headshot
Terry Rice
Marketing & Career Development Instructor, Consultant
"I help people bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be… I also help them avoid all the mistakes I made!"
Yvonne Dodd Headshot
Yvonne Dodd
Outcomes Manager & Career Coach
"Just remember that you’re learning something new and being a beginner again — give yourself room for mistakes... and not knowing everything already."
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Free Community Workshops

In honor of our anniversary, 100s of our most popular workshops are now free! Learn from expert instructors — some of the brightest minds in tech — and pick up new skills in just a few hours.

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Our Career-Changer Guide

Over the past 10 years, our career coaches have worked 1:1 with over 13k career changers, which informed our all-stage guide for breaking into tech. Our guide covers high-growth roles in tech, design, and data, along with required skills, stats, and more.

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2015  Milestone icon

Named Most Innovative Company in Education by Fast Company.

Our Partners

In 10 years, we've achieved a lot, together:

  • 50k Employees Trained
    in 80 Global Cities
  • 1,500 Expert
  • 400 Clients, Including
    35 Fortune 100s
  • 52 Standards Boards

Excitingly, we've launched a new public sector vertical, Community Reskilling, bringing together government partners and local business leaders to revive communities displaced by the pandemic.

Tara Fosbre Headshot
Tara Fosbre
Guardian Life Insurance, Holmdale, New Jersey
"We're in our second Code for Good class, and my experience has been great. I'm really impressed with the teaching support and monitoring of students."
Devanshu Mehrotra Headshot
Devanshu Mehrotra
GA Instructor, Jersey City, New Jersey
"It is a very powerful feeling when somebody leaves class knowing 'analytics is what I want to do,' which keeps me going."
Sarah Hakani Headshot
Sarah Hakani
Senior Learning Experience Architect, Brooklyn, New York
"What's exciting to me about the next 10 years at GA is what reskilling can look like on a community level and what it means to take care of our people."
Ian Stirgwolt Headshot
Ian Stirgwolt
Client Success Manager, Los Angeles, California
"I love working with my clients and helping them along this journey. The ability to change someone’s life is inspiring to me."
Callum Goodwilliam Headshot
Callum Goodwilliam
GA Manager of Instruction, Valencia, Spain
"I'm a firm advocate for learning being at the heart of every organization to ensure that a company can cope with the speed of change around us."
Michelle Bergquist Headshot
Michelle Bergquist
Client Success Manager, London, England
"I absolutely love the feedback from students and seeing them in the classroom to see the impact and 'aha' moments in real-time."
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Latest Insights From GA

Read the latest publication from GA's Standards Boards: The Role of Product in Your Organization. Learn how to embed a customer-centric, product-led mindset and set of behaviors in your organization. Check back for more fresh insights on the future of work in a changing world.

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Client Fireside Chats

Experience live-and-personal thought leadership from our guest panelists — top global enterprise leaders who are driving innovation in tech.

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Partner With GA

Our innovative programs enable teams to grow, compete, and thrive in the digital economy. Learn how you can partner with us to unlock digital mindsets, technical capabilities, and a growth culture at your company.

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2019  Milestone icon

First community reskilling initiative launches in Louisville, KY, to provide no-cost training + unlock tech talent for the local economy.

Our Social Impact

Innovation is inclusive — learning opportunities should be too.

Our social impact efforts aim to increase the representation of underserved communities in tech to better reflect the diverse pools of talent that exist. We've always thought big, but the pandemic's shifts — and 10 years of reflection — have prompted us to think bigger and do better.

Ways We Give Back
  • 5,623 U.S. students served through GA COVID-19 social impact initiatives in 2020–2021.
  • 33k fully subsidized GA training hours
    for COVID-19-impacted communities.
  • $22.2M total GA scholarship funding awarded to date, promoting diversity in tech.

Our Major Milestones

We've learned a lot in the past decade — with more things to know and room to grow. Our new executive team has a combined 200 years of education experience to bring us into the exciting future — we'd love to make introductions.

Explore Our Journey

Launched as a coworking space in NYC's Flatiron District.
Our first international campus opened its doors in London.
Software engineering and UX design Immersives launched globally.
First Opportunity Fund announced with Microsoft, Google, Hirepurpose, and Nas, the rapper.
Named Most Innovative Company in Education by Fast Company.
Published first Student Outcomes Report with student success data verified by KPMG.
First Standards Board of CMOs/marketing execs assembled to set and define industry benchmarks.
Acquired by The Adecco Group, a Fortune 500 company, and the top provider of career development + staffing.
First community reskilling initiative launches in Louisville, KY, to provide no-cost training + unlock tech talent for the local economy.
Lisa Lewin named as our new CEO, taking the reins from our original founder, Jake Schwartz.

Cheers to the next ten… and the places we'll go, together.