Welcome, Booz Allen Hamilton Employees!

General Assembly is proud to partner with Booz Allen to help advance your skills.

BAH Employees

Leverage Your Employee Benefits to Learn Valuable New Skills

Take advantage of a wide range of courses in today’s most relevant topics, including data science, web development, product management, and digital marketing. Our dynamic programs will teach you the latest tools, skills, and strategies you need to push your career and client goals forward.

See how you can use your annual Booz Allen FlexEd benefit toward one of our courses.

BAH Employees

Join Our Data Science 5K Challenge

Take part in our new Data Science 5K (DS5K) initiative, which aims to develop 5,000 new data experts across the firm. You’ll receive training in a growing field, enhance your existing skill sets, and make a major impact for you and your client. The DS5K program is comprised of two courses: Data Analytics & Visualization Fundamentals, which covers SQL, Tableau, and introductory Python; and Data Science Fundamentals, which is a foundational dive into Python and applied math.

To learn more or participate in the Data Science 5K program:

  1. Join the DS5K Yammer group for the latest program updates

  2. Follow the DS5K Degreed plan for program information and step-by-step enrollment instructions.

The course is open to any Booz Allen employee and is developed in partnership between Booz Allen and General Assembly, a pioneer in tech education and career transformation.

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Be Empowered: Take a General Assembly Course

Our courses train you to layer today’s relevant skills on top of your current capabilities to make you a more well-rounded collaborator and boost your team's collective ingenuity.

Once you find and apply for your ideal course, an Admissions advisor will contact you to start the enrollment process.

Kicking Off Your Journey With GA Is Easy

If you register for a Data Science 5K course, you will receive detailed instructions for FlexEd applications directly from the DS5K team. The DS5K plan in Degreed is also a good resource for all registration and payment information.
If you are interested in a non-DS5K course with General Assembly:

  1. Browse their courses to find one that suits your goals and career aspirations.

  2. Speak with your Career Manager about your interest in the course and get their approval to enroll.

  3. Register for the course using your @bah.com email address.

  4. Complete a FlexEd application. Contact the FlexEd helpline at 844-248-0785 with any questions.

  5. Start your course and elevate your career!

If you have questions about Booz Allen's Data Science 5K Challenge, please contact DataScience5K@bah.com.

"There's a ton of efficiency gains from this program. My senior leadership immediately saw the value and was super supportive of me learning these new skills."

Data Science 5K Graduate, Wave 1

Explore New Ideas, Grow Your Network

Our short form workshops and events are an opportunity to stay up-to-date on industry trends and tools, and make new connections.