Where Are They Now? Chloe Stinetorf


Meet Chloe, recent graduate of our 12-week User Experience Design course, and founder of Chloe Doughy, a cookie dough delivery business in New York City.

1. What led you to learn user experience (UX) design?

I previously worked as a product manager at Christie’s auction house, responsible for the design and development of christies.com and their mobile apps. My product management role at Christie’s was very UX-focused, but I wanted to have a broader understanding of UX principles, best practices and deliverables.

2. Tell us more about your most recent UX design project.

I recently launched a DIY baking company called Chloe Doughy that delivers ready-to-bake monthly cookie dough projects. The first version of the Chloe Doughy website was a simple Rails app. I took GA’s 12-week UX Design course to take my idea and prototype to the next level, starting with creating personas and ending with designing userflows and wireframes. I’ve since launched the latest version of Chloe Doughy using my work from the course.

3. What inspired you to start Chloe Doughy?

I’ve always wanted to start a baking company in New York. I realized last year that nobody else was delivering premium, ready-to-bake cookie dough, so I saw an opportunity. I love that on a typical day I’m designing, programming and baking — what could be better than that?

4. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I have jerseys of my favorite NBA players. I wear them at home during games!

5. What are the next steps for your business?

Prioritizing features and updates to the site (an endless list), working on content strategy and development, solving logistics of my commercial kitchen space, and spreading the word. Working on my own company is incredibly satisfying, though it can be challenging to juggle all the different roles — you have to be extremely resourceful and persistent.

When Chloe isn’t working on Chloe Doughy, she’s painting, printmaking at the Lower East Side Printshop, and fencing at the New York Athletic Club. Use the discount code ga_community to receive $10 off your first month when signing up for Chloe Doughy.