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How to Set Boundaries at Work: Tips for Founders, Managers, and Employees



When people talk about setting boundaries at work, it is often in terms of personal or individual boundaries and how they affect work-life balance. This balance is certainly important, but so is office-life balance. According to a PENN Behavioral Health study, Setting Boundaries at Work, there are several types of boundaries: job responsibility boundaries, interpersonal boundaries, and personal boundaries.

These boundaries start with the founder, define how managers do their job, and impact individual employees. Here is how to set boundaries in the workplace if you are a company founder, manager, or employee.

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The Secret To Being Happy, Healthy, and More Productive at Work


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I used to be bad at taking breaks. I would sit down at my computer every day around 8am and not come up for air until 1pm or later. I think part of the issue was that, as a freelance writer, I am my own boss — and for many years, I was an unforgiving one; a taskmaster, you might say. Not only did I force myself to fix my eyes on a glowing screen for too many hours at a time, I also expected myself to respond to emails within half hour of their arrival, say “yes” to every assignment (even if I was overbooked), and put the needs of others before the needs of myself. Continue reading