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Woman on the Rise: Meet Rachel Skolnick, Director of Marketing at GoodWorld


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Meet Rachel Skolnick, one of four Women on the Rise winners who will be flying to San Francisco this fall for a week-long educational journey!

Rachel Skolnick is the Director of Marketing at DC-based startup, GoodWorld, where she is helping to unleash generosity on social media with just a hashtag—#donate. An experienced digital strategist with a background in marketing, communications, and social media, Rachel previously served in marketing roles at several nonprofit organizations.

Rachel earned a Bachelors of Arts from Lehigh University and a Certificate of Digital Marketing from Georgetown University. Aside from her love of all things digital, she enjoys yoga, soccer, and travel.

Keep up with Rachel on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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More Women Are Dominating The Field Of Big Data



As you know, women are woefully underrepresented in STEM fields (science, tech, engineering, and math) – making up barely 11% of math faculty, and earning only 18% of computer science degrees. Nearly half of the women who graduate with engineering degrees never enter the profession, or leave soon after.

There is, however, one hugely in-demand STEM specialty where women dominate: statistics!

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