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How Prohibiting Salary History Questions Can Help Close the Wage Gap


Ban Salary History Pay Gap

For HR leaders, especially those who focus on talent acquisition, making fair and equitable salary decisions is a daily struggle, and one that can frustrate even the most experienced leaders.

It is common practice to make compensation decisions based on salary history. When considering costs and the bottom line, companies are often tempted to leverage opportunities to pay as little as possible for a role, offering whatever a candidate will accept — and not a penny more. This is true for many industries, but especially in tech, where salary data is scant due to ever-changing programming languages, skills, and platforms. Continue reading

Cracking the Girl Code to Tech Success


Girl Code Book Tampon Run

Sophie Houser and Andrea Gonzales, creators of Tampon Run and authors of Girl Code.

Coding knowledge can be used to do more than build a great website or land a lucrative job. It also has the power to inspire personal growth and shine a light on social issues.

Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser learned this firsthand when the video game they created, Tampon Run — in which players throw tampons at bullies and tackle taboos surrounding menstruation — went viral in 2014. Gonzales and Houser, then teenagers, met as students at the all-girls coding program Girls Who Code in New York City and created the game as their final project.

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A Year in Review Part 2: Diversity, Access, and Social Impact


General Assembly Social Good Black Girls Code Workplace Diversity

This year we partnered with Black Girls Code to increase access to STEM education. Photo courtesy of Black Girls Code.

With a mission to close the global skills gap and help people pursue work they love, General Assembly strives to create opportunities that impact a vast range of communities.

This year, we were proud to voice our support for access to education and inclusive hiring in the media. We spoke out about promoting computer science education through the Computer Science for All Initiative, and released a white paper on skills-based hiring. We partnered with many innovative organizations to make a difference in the tech sector, launching new campaigns and programs to promote equality in startup funding, champion computer science education for kids, help New Yorkers get well-paying data jobs, and much more.

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Meet Lady Mafia: Two Female Makers on a Mission to Change the World


Gaby Ruiz-Funes Sarah Bump Lady Mafia

For Gaby Ruiz-Funes and Sarah Bump, learning web development was not just a pathway to a new career, but a creative spark that would lead them to start a movement. Since graduating, the pair has led the charge of creating a network of individuals comprising the Lady Mafia project. Together, they highlight women and men who are agents of change and who make the world a better place through their hard work and innovation.

Sarah came from a marketing background and Gaby was working as an industrial engineer before enrolling in General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive course in Chicago. “I was a little lost,” Sarah said. “I knew I didn’t want to stay in that field, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do instead.” Gaby was already intrigued by web development but realized she needed a structured environment to learn brand-new skills. “As an engineer I was trained to be able to create the things that were in my imagination,” Gaby said. “It felt frustrating to be limited on the web and I wanted the tools that would help me create the apps and websites that I imagined, especially those I hoped would help make a positive impact on the world.”

When the two met during their course, they started a friendship that would become the basis for their project — Lady Mafia, a website that aims to catalog humans who are “moving the earth.” We caught up with Gaby and Sarah to learn more about their experience as the super-cool founders of the Lady Mafia movement.

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Women on the Rise: Meet Our Extraordinary Winners


Women-on-the-Rise_FacebookThumb_484x252 This summer, we sent out an APB to find four talented women ready to join us in San Fransisco for a week-long exploration of the ever-changing world of tech.

We set up exclusive company tours, one on ones with peer mentors, VIP conference passes, and lunch with leading women in Silicon Valley tech. Our hope is to inspire and empower these women to pursue their interests in technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation at its epicenter.

Over 7,000 incredible women applied for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we’re thrilled to announce our winners!

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Woman on the Rise: Tayo Akinyemi, Executive Director of AfriLabs


Tayo Akinyemi

Meet Tayo Akinyemi, one of four Women on the Rise winners who will be flying to San Francisco this fall for a week-long educational journey!

Tayo is the Executive Director of AfriLabs, a pan-African network of tech innovation hubs with 40 hubs in 18 countries. She is an African entrepreneurship and innovation enthusiast who began her career at an NGO dedicated to advancing women in corporate business. Since then she has focused, with varying degrees of success, on understanding how businesses are built and sustained for impact. Tayo has an MBA from Cornell University and a BA from Princeton University.

Keep up with Tayo on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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General Assembly Partners with Dave McClure to Bring Design Education to Women and Minorities



ux opportunity fundA little over five months ago, General Assembly announced the creation of Opportunity Fund, an innovative scholarship program aimed at providing transformative education and career opportunities to underrepresented groups.

The positive response has been overwhelming, both from partners like Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Alexis Ohanian, and others (even NAS!) pitching in to support the initiative and get involved, and from the numerous student applications submitted from around the globe. This enthusiasm from our community led us to take our initial pilot program in New York and expand it to San Francisco and Los Angeles this past summer.

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Are You A Woman In Tech? Here’s an Event You Won’t Want To Miss

By and

Mia Otte

It’s no secret that there is a lack of women in tech; but Product Management grad, Mia Otte, always wondered if a “room full of women could talk about something other than the lack of women in tech for more than 5 minutes.” To test her theory, Mia started Techfest Club, a monthly event hosted by General Assembly where female professionals in the tech industry come to network and talk tech. 

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What Do All Female Entrepreneurs Have in Common?


Women entrepreneurs at tech workshop image

Women at a computer industry entrepreneur workshop. From Dell’s Official Flickr Page, via Wikimedia Commons

2014 was a tough year for women in the tech industry, or any industry for that matter. First there was the unsurprising report about Google’s diversity problem. Then the sordid (but oh so compelling) tale of gender shaming and sexual harassment alleged in a lawsuit by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, who was reportedly told by her co-founders that mentioning a “girl” was one of the founders would “make the company look like it was an accident.” Even HBO’s wonderful show Silicon Valley tended to make women seem more like props than actual thinking people who represent more than half of the population.

Can we reverse this slump in 2015? How about a reminder that women entrepreneurs are distinguishing themselves as smart and successful business leaders? Because if there is one thing female entrepreneurs have in common, it’s that they persist even in the face of gender prejudice.

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