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6 UX Strategies to Make Your Site More User-Friendly


User Experience is focused heavily on trying to understand context, activities and people to better solve their problems. If we know and understand the people who are using our product, we’ll be able to design a better product for them. Below are six tried and true strategies for ensuring your website is user friendly, taken from our Front Row video with UX Consultant, Julie Blitzer.

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Project Spotlight: ProjectKick


What kinds of projects do General Assembly students work on in the classroom? We recently checked in with Web Development Immersive students Alina Guzman and Kevon Cheung to learn more about ProjectKick.

What is it?

ProjectKick is a data visualization app for Kickstarter projects. It displays data in three main ways — by city, category, and funding.

Where’d the idea come from?

We knew we wanted to create an app centered around communities and creativity. Kickstarter was a perfect topic because everyone’s curious about it these days, but no one knows anything about their data. There aren’t a lot of public statistics because they don’t have an API, so we wanted to find insightful trends and tell people about them.

How long did this project take you to complete?

Nine days, full-time.

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