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Jump Start: Opportunity Fund Scholarships for Web Design Circuit Now Live


GA co-founder and CEO Jake Schwartz receiving donation at CGI America.

GA Co-founder and CEO Jake Schwartz receiving donation at CGI America.

General Assembly’s mission has always been to help people everywhere pursue the work that they love. To expand that mission, we founded Opportunity Fund, a philanthropic fellowship program that provides hands-on education, mentorship, and career opportunities to underrepresented groups across the globe. Continue reading

How to Succeed in Circuits


Curious about learning more about our HTML, CSS & Web Design course? In our video, Succeeding in Circuits, we’ll show you what it’s like to be a student, introduce the instructional team that will guide you throughout the course, and layout the curriculum.

Visit us at ga.co/webdesign or email us at onlineadmissions@ga.co for more information.

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Stealing Design Is Pointless, Unless You Do It Right



When I began designing websites at the age of 17, I had lofty aspirations. I was going to one-up the status quo. But, as many do, I quickly discovered how difficult it can be to build a truly inspiring user experience. I found myself instead relying on the oft-repeated adage, which has become something of a cornerstone of user experience design for novices (and even some experts, like Picasso): “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

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Here’s How to Learn HTML at Any Level or Budget


Learn to Code HTML

Have you been thinking about learning HTML? If so, you’re not alone: These days, it  seems like nearly everyone — including New York City’s former mayor, Mike Bloomberg, who tweeted his New Year’s resolution to learn to code a few years back — is intent on learning programming languages. If you want to learn HTML, a fundamental building block for front-end web development, there’s no need to delay. Workshops and on-demand classes make it easy to learn HTML, regardless of your budget, schedule, or prior knowledge.

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