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What’s a Wireframe? Get Behind the Buzz.



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Fashionable Web Design – Australia’s Top Fashion Websites


Top Australian Fashion Websites 4

We take a look at some inspiring website design from the Australia’s online fashion world. Let’s take a look at three of Australia’s top fashion websites. Get ready to either browse and buy (!!) and/or fill your Pinterest boards with inspiration for future projects.

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Market Hack: How much do Australian UX Designers earn?


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The interest in User Experience Design has sparked, and is growing so rapidly that now industries such as Travel and Hospitality are jumping on board. It’s a very exciting time for the UX Community, and it’s also an industry with fairly lucrative earning potential. We’re often asked how much do Australian UX Designers earn? So thought we’d give you the low down.

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Alumni Interview: Grace Akotey


Meet Grace Akotey, a graduate of General Assembly London’s 12-week User Experience Design program. A self-taught designer, Grace is now a full-time web designer with Crystal Ski Holidays, working on UX related projects and a full re-branding of their website.

1. What led you to User Experience (UX) Design?

I’ve always been a visual person. As a self-taught graphic and web designer, I’ve tried many things – from fashion to working in the city to freelancing – but there came a point in time where I wanted to get to the next level. A UX designer I worked with planted a seed of curiosity, and from there I started researching the topic and reading blog posts, and ended up enrolling at General Assembly.

2. What excites you about UX?

I feel that UX can sometimes be overlooked because it’s not tangible – it has no physical attribute, you can’t hold it in your hands. So what gets me excited is actually knowing how much thought and understanding of the user goes into each part of an experience. The best websites end up being the best exactly because of that.

3. What’s an example of good UX you’ve seen in real life?

Think about an ATM. After you’ve put in your card and punched in your PIN, what does the biggest button say? ‘10 Pounds No Receipt’. Someone has worked out the most frequent choice people make. That’s good UX right there. Continue reading