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What Makes for Great Product Design?


User experience (UX) design separates a good product from a great product.

Harnessing skills like user research, wireframes, and prototyping, UX designers have a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the interactions between users, business goals, and visual and technology elements. For companies, their work fosters brand loyalty and repeat business. For consumers, it means frustration-free online experiences, intuitive mobile apps, efficient store layouts, and more.

Watch below, as design experts from The New York Times, PayPal, Zola, and other top companies share how they design simple, user-friendly, and beautiful products.

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Essentials of Usability Testing



I’m sure you’ve heard that great web products have great usability. But what does that even mean?

Enter, LEMErS. No, not the monkeys; the mnemonic device.

Usability is determined and understood by testing the following criteria:

  • Learnability
  • Efficiency
  • Memorability
  • Error Management
  • Satisfaction

These elements can and should be tested using usability tests.

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Become a Product Manager in 10 Weeks?


product management image

Product managers are in high demand, but the path to become a product manager is unclear. From choosing an undergraduate major to landing that first product management job (without prior product management experience), it can be a difficult field to break into. And so, we’re thrilled to announce General Assembly’s new Product Management Immersive Course, which graduates job-ready Associate Product Managers in 10 weeks. It launches in September of 2014 in New York City.

What Happens in the Product Management Immersive?

For 10 weeks students will spend a lot of time together: 9-5, Monday to Friday. The immersive is taught by expert practitioners and mixes lecture with hands-on project work. Topics covered include: user research, assessing product/market fit, financial modeling, competitive analysis, determining MVPs, data analysis, requirement gathering, wireframing, prototyping, pitching, developing user stories, and more. At the end of the course, students will have developed both a skill set to work as product managers, and a portfolio of real-world projects to share with future employers/the world. Continue reading

What’s a Wireframe? Get Behind the Buzz.



Learn More About User Experience Here

Capitalizing on Errors: The Best 404 Pages on the Web


Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 11.21.01 AM

While the 404 page signifies error, it doesn’t have to kill the mood. The design of a 404 page is an important piece of the user experience puzzle, but often overlooked in the creation process. To avoid the frustration of a user hitting this roadblock, there are a few key things you can do to promote an engaging and branded experience:

  • Identify the issue
  • Speak clearly
  • Include popular links or a search bar for a way out
  • Make contact information visible
  • Make it fun!

Here are 10 entertaining 404 pages worth breaking a url for:

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Market Hack: How much do Australian UX Designers earn?


should digital marketers learn to code image

The interest in User Experience Design has sparked, and is growing so rapidly that now industries such as Travel and Hospitality are jumping on board. It’s a very exciting time for the UX Community, and it’s also an industry with fairly lucrative earning potential. We’re often asked how much do Australian UX Designers earn? So thought we’d give you the low down.

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How to Find a UX Design Job: Chapter 2


finding ux design job

Rain is a GA UX Design Immersive graduate, full time UX designer, and fan of good clean designs. Her background is in architecture and product design. In her spare time she is either at the gym or coming up with new app ideas. In this blog she tells her story of finding a job and her insights to the London UX field. You can read her first chapter here.

So now everything is in place and order, you put yourself out there and have the basics to get people interested. What’s next?

Setting expectations: I went into the job market knowing UX is a booming market with huge demand and very little supply. My expectations were sky high. I expected high volume phone calls and interviews and thought I would find a job within 2-3 weeks. So let’s bring it back to reality a little. Yes, there is demand, and yes, there is short supply but also, I had very little real life experience and most companies simply don’t have the time to teach you.

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6 UX Strategies to Make Your Site More User-Friendly



User Experience is focused heavily on trying to understand context, activities and people to better solve their problems. If we know and understand the people who are using our product, we’ll be able to design a better product for them. Below are six tried and true strategies for ensuring your website is user friendly, taken from our Front Row video with UX Consultant, Julie Blitzer.

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How to Find a UX Design Job: Chapter 1



Rain is a recent GA UX Design Immersive graduate, full time UX designer, and fan of good clean designs. Her background is in architecture and product design. In her spare time she is either at the gym or coming up with new app ideas. In this blog series, she shares her story of finding a job and her insights on the London UX field.

The first part of my UX journey was done. I was a qualified UX designer with limited experience, a limited portfolio of work, and a CV that still read ‘Interior designer’. Before I jumped into getting a job or even an interview, there was a lot of prep work I had to do to even be considered. This is chapter 1 of 3 in which I will explain the process I went through to find a job in UX.

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UX: Oh, The Things You’ll Do



Ari is a Senior UX professional in Denver, CO and former instructor at General Assembly in Sydney. In this blog, Ari lays out the wide range of ways UX skills can be applied in a professional career.

I often get the feeling that the notion of UX has been pigeon-holed into someone who looks at a website or mobile app and can spontaneously make it easier to use. “If you have half an hour, can you UX this thing for me?” “Sure. I’ll whip out my wand and I’m gonna UX the hell out of it!” I used to have a UX wand on my desk for just that purpose.
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