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A Framework for Trendspotting



It’s 1977 and a CEO stands at the head of a boardroom and makes a sweeping declaration: “Personal computers will redefine the way business is done in the future.” There is some agreement–and conformity–in the room, while others struggle to understand what a “personal computer” even is.

Fast forward to 2015, and a CEO, mid-way through an hour-long Google Hangout with his leadership team, makes a sweeping declaration: “Big Data is will change our business forever.” Again, there is some agreement, but for the majority, “big data” is just another overhyped buzzword.

The personal computer did end up redefining business; it’s also redefined almost every aspect of society. Will the same be true for Big Data? With so much noise, jargon, and opinion surrounding the impact of future trends–Mobile, Social, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data–how can you identify game-changing trends from short-lived fads?

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