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Using Tech to Enhance the ROI of Learning


Source: EdSurge

A panel comprising Fast Company Contributing Writer Ainsley O’Connell, General Assembly CEO Jake Schwartz, US Director of Educational Technology Richard Culatta, and Union Square Ventures Managing Partner Fred Wilson.  Source: EdSurge

Last week, NYU and EDGE, an EdTech Accelerator, hosted National Education Week, a conference that brought together leaders in K12, Higher Education, and Corporate Learning to hear about the problems and opportunities presented by new technologies as they transform the $6 trillion education industry.

General Assembly’s corporate learning team attended the conference to hear about what’s influencing the education space, and we found a diversity of perspectives from the different areas of education. In this post, I’ll investigate the three biggest challenges corporations are facing in their quest to enhance the ROI of learning for employees. I’ll also provide my observations about what these corporations might learn, not only from their corporate peers, but from educators in K12 and Higher Education, too.  

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Laugh & Learn Newsletter Lightens Up The Tech Conversation

By and

Salman came to General Assembly as an engineer looking for a tech community to jump into. He ended up as a beloved Back-End Web Development instructor, both in New York City and San Francisco. Realizing the importance of “soft skills” for developers, he started the Laugh & Learn newsletter to provide a well-rounded continued learning experience for his students and job-seeking techies. 

Salman will be teaching Building Startup Ideas at our San Francisco campus on Thursday 7, May, 2015.

Follow Salman on Twitter: @daretorant

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Tech Summit Combines Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Science To “Re-Work” the Future


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Exponentially advancing technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology, sensors, 3D-printing and artificial intelligence are reshaping the future of society and business.

How are robotics going to impact transportation and assisted living in the home? What effect will sensors and big data created from the internet of things have in our future cities? How will nanotechnology and smart materials impact manufacturing? Will 3D printing create a new industrial revolution? How will augmented reality disrupt education?

The annual RE.WORK Technology Summit taking place in London on September 18-19 will bring together 300 technologists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry leaders to answer these questions and more while they explore emerging technologies that are shaping the future of business & society.

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LA Jobs and Java


How do you take your coffee? Milk, sugar? How about a spoonful of career advice? We’ve partnered with Timeout LA to offer career counseling for people interested in exploring jobs in technology, business, or design.

Each week we will select a coffee shop in LA and send a team familiar with the LA startup scene to help people find their path.

We’ve created the ultimate cheat-sheet for you below to get some quick facts on some of the best coffee spots in LA. To learn more about the vibe of each place, check out the full write-up on Timeout LA.

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Required Reading: Paul Canetti



Name: Paul Canetti
Class Taught: Apps Unlocked, Crafting Tablet Magazines, Deconstructing iOS Interface Design, Online Advertising Ecosystem, Mobile/Tablet Advertising Ecosystem

Paul Canetti is the founder and CEO of MAZ, a publishing platform for tablet and mobile devices. Paul previously worked as a designer and instructor at Apple and Condé Nast, and as the Creative Director of an app development firm. These experiences have shaped his understanding of the important intersection of content, design and technology.

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