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Teaching to Learn: Student turned Instructor


Annie Cheung General Assembly

Problem solving and the fast-paced nature of the field.  These were strong pulls for me to jump into the development world, but the force that convinced me to stay was of a different angle. From open source projects on Github to community help support via Stack Overflow, the willingness of developers to grow and learn together represents the culture of constant learning and sharing.

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GA Bytes: Taste The Art of Developing a Compelling Brand Message


Welcome to our weekly series, GA Bytes, where we serve up a sampling of Front Row, our library of on-demand and live-streaming online classes. Today we’re tasting “Develop a Compelling Brand Message” with Digital Brand Strategist, George Scribner.

In a world where consumers are hearing messages from hundreds of brands every day, it’s important for all small businesses to have a compelling brand message that breaks through the noise. In this short clip, George gets you started with a brand message hierarchy.

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