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How Staples Learned to Build Better Products, Faster


The team at Staples Advantage, the B2B arm of Staples, recently had an idea to roll out a new feature for their mid-market customers that would simplify their buying process. The hypothesis behind the product feature was that a virtual buying assistant would provide a superior customer experience when compared to the current process of interacting with Staples specialists over the phone.

To validate this idea, Staples leveraged rapid prototyping methodology to begin testing the idea and a minimum viable product. In the video above, Matt Leitao, Director of Strategy for Staples Advantage, explains how Staples would have typically approached this new product feature in the past, “We would have done some market research. We would have had marketing involved. We would have had a slew of teams and it would have been about 6 months later where we might have had a good solution to go out to the marketplace with, with one key component missing: understanding if our customers actually wanted this, how they would respond, and how they would react.”

After training with GA’s corporate training team, the Staples team took a completely different approach to quickly test and validate their new product feature. “We said what can we use off the shelf? What can we use today to start doing this,” explained Leitao.

Watch the video above to hear Matt Leitao explain how the Staples team quickly tested and validated their minimum-viable-product.

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