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Former Astronaut Scott Parazynski Discusses Leadership Under Pressure at General Assembly



Former Astronaut Dr. Scott Parazynski addresses the crowd at General Assembly.

We recently hosted former astronaut, Mt. Everest climber, Emergency Medicine doctor, and entrepreneur, Scott Parazynski, at our NYC headquarters for a talk about leadership under pressure. The discussion was moderated by Jillian Bellovary, who studies black holes as a postdoctoral fellow at the American Museum of Natural History.

Parazynski captivated the crowd with his daring tales of  space missions, mountaineering adventures, and even how he met his wife. At the crux of these stories were battle-tested tips for managing risk, assembling an excellent team, and learning from failure.

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Tech Summit Combines Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Science To “Re-Work” the Future


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Exponentially advancing technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology, sensors, 3D-printing and artificial intelligence are reshaping the future of society and business.

How are robotics going to impact transportation and assisted living in the home? What effect will sensors and big data created from the internet of things have in our future cities? How will nanotechnology and smart materials impact manufacturing? Will 3D printing create a new industrial revolution? How will augmented reality disrupt education?

The annual RE.WORK Technology Summit taking place in London on September 18-19 will bring together 300 technologists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry leaders to answer these questions and more while they explore emerging technologies that are shaping the future of business & society.

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