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Don’t Let a Scarcity Mentality Put a Freeze on Your Business or Career


Scarcity mentality money worries for freelancers

If you are building your career, starting a freelance hustle, or launching a business, there is one phrase that is so toxic, it’s like putting Draino in your Starbucks: “There’s not enough to go around.” A “scarcity mentality” is the mindset that you are competing for clients or users; that there isn’t enough work for everyone; or “there may not be more where that came from.”

It’s an over-protection mechanism. It’s your mind trying to prevent you or your company from experiencing lack… but paradoxically, all it does is create it. It’s fear,” says Hana Ayoub, a professional development coach who left a 15-year corporate career to build her practice, “the roots of which are different for everyone. But it’s not a useful mentality to have.”

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