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Does Salary Transparency Make Employees Feel Empowered or Disgruntled?


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The modern office layout is open. The walls have come down, and even those that remain are usually made of glass. We continue to move in the direction of transparency, yet there is one thing at work that most people still keep to themselves: their salary.

But the movement towards full transparency has few boundaries, which is why at SumAll, a social media analytics company, CEO Dane Atkinson lists everyone’s exact salary on an internal document accessible to all company employees.

If this sounds a little extreme to you, you’re not alone. British TV producers found the concept so dramatic that they made it the basis of a 2012 reality TV show, where, after all employee salaries were disclosed at a British plumbing company, bitter arguments broke out among workers who felt they weren’t being paid fairly.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, Atkinson says. In fact, he believes that this kind of transparency, called “full-salary transparency,” is beneficial for the employees of his New York-based company, which employs more than 40 people. Continue reading