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4 Skills You Need to Get Promoted as a Marketer


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It’s a great time to be a marketer. That’s because the tech industry is undergoing a major paradigm shift, in which data has become a top priority. Marketers have assumed responsibility for connecting their companies’ core business arms — sales, product, engineering, IT, and analytics. Marketers are no longer limited to support and brand-building functions. Instead, they’re implementing programs to drive revenue. 

As a marketer, you’re in an unparalleled position to drive significant value to your organization. Not to mention, the solutions that you introduce are likely to be completely out of the box. As the business ecosystem becomes increasingly data-driven, there is significant opportunity to introduce new, creative solutions. In other words, it’s up to you to define your own career trajectory — and roadmap for getting promoted.

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6 Ways to Network Within Your Company (and Score That Promotion)



Searching for a new job doesn’t always mean leaving your current employer — in fact, some of the most exciting career opportunities may lie within your company.

Unlike an external job search — where you might reach out to contacts on LinkedIn or apply to roles on — an internal job search will rely on the strength of your relationships with the colleagues you encounter at work every single day.

Here are a few strategic ideas to build a network within your organization that will propel you into an elevated role or a new department.

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Moving Up and Freaking Out? 3 Ways to Deal With a Promotion


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Professional advancement can be a hard-won accomplishment that takes months or years of planning and patience to achieve. Alternately, it can appear suddenly—like a stealthy Ninja Godmother—catching you off guard with a leg-sweep of success.

Either way, if you’ve recently taken a step up the career ladder, you may be experiencing a mixture of excitement and dread. The air can sometimes feel a little thinner while you’re adjusting to the change in altitude—but don’t panic.  Do your best to take a deep breath; there are strategies and resources to help you deal with the transition until you’ve managed to acclimate.

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