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Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg: Lessons on Leading a High-Growth Business


Sheryl Sandberg Interview Masters of Scale podcast Red Hoffman

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg talks leadership lessons with Reid Hoffman on the Masters of Scale podcast. Photo by Jacqui Ipp.

Leading a high-growth company and scaling it into a tech empire involves working through countless challenges: You need to constantly innovate, adapt with the economy, navigate relationships with executives, evolve your team, and more. Sheryl Sandberg knows this experience intimately, from her time as Google’s VP of global online sales and operations — during which she scaled the company’s online sales team from four to 4,000, driving two-thirds of the company’s revenue — through her past nine years as Facebook’s chief operating officer.

To get to where she — and Facebook — is today, Sandberg has learned hard leadership lessons about growing a team and a company.

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The Top 5 Podcasts For Aspiring Data Scientists



Big data may be the buzzword of our time. Our uber-connected world is creating more information than ever before, but data on its own is useless. The value comes from data literate professionals distilling all of that information into useful insights. As the demand for data science skills has tripled over the past five years, companies and employees alike are rushing to wrangle the data that surrounds us and use it to our advantage.

Whether you are brand new to working with data or a seasoned data scientist, learning from practitioners will bring you up-to-date on the exciting ways big data is being used to improve our everyday lives.

Here, we’ve handpicked five of our favorite podcasts relating to data science that you can listen to at your desk, on your commute, or during your next road trip.

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Top 15 Digital Trends for 2015




As technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, the need for today’s enterprise to stay ahead of the digital curve is more vital than ever. Already, 2015 has begun to show us several new trends that are likely to emerge and ground themselves in our day to day lives. Here is a quick snapshot of 15 digital trends that are likely to become ubiquitous over the course of the year:

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5 Podcasts for Tech Geeks


Neil deGrasse Tyson

A few years ago, most college grads were more interested in working on Wall Street or in Hollywood but now they flock to Silicon Valley.

The tech industry is booming right now.  A multitude of billion dollar startups seem to emerge every day. iPhone and Android owners have access to a slew of apps that have made mundane tasks like commuting and ordering lunch so much easier.

Basically, it’s cool to be a tech geek. If this is the career path you want to pursue, we’ve rounded up five essential podcasts that you have to listen to. These programs provide of insight and commentary on the tech sector.

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