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General Assembly Announces Digital Foundations



According to an Altimeter report last year, 88% of companies are undergoing a formal digital transformation effort. As a part of these efforts, many are investing significantly in digital training, either internally or externally with corporate training programs like General Assembly’s.

In talking to many of these companies, we’ve noticed that investment in digital training begins and ends with the same groups—IT, marketing, and product teams.

For companies undergoing a digital transformation, there are usually very specific problems to focus on in these divisions. CIOs and CMOs are first in line, and we understand why. But to engender a real, comprehensive transformation, businesses have to focus on getting all teams up to speed, including some of the less obvious players.

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Data Analysis Circuit Launches at General Assembly


Understanding data is becoming increasingly important across all facets of business. Small businesses use financial data to make smarter operating decisions, governments are aggregating data to help us map everything from flu trends to voting information, and corporations are getting more targeted in the way they market products and services.

Data has implicitly become a part of nearly every job today.  It requires many people to get comfortable pulling, analyzing, and presenting data to decision makers, policy shapers, and even our family and friends. Continue reading

Introducing: Following


We’ve learned from speaking with students that you’re a busy group and work can sometimes keep you from attending classes and events that you find interesting. You’ve asked us for a way to know when they’re held next and we’re happy to let you know it’s here.

Following something is easy:
  • Click the follow button on any class, workshop, or event.
  • If you’re not logged in, we’ll ask for your email address.
  • You’ll see an email in your inbox next time that class is scheduled in your city. 

That’s all there is to it.

We’re excited to give you another way to become closer to the GA community and we think you’ll really like this new feature. What else do you want to see on the General Assembly website? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.