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NYC Pledges to Provide Computer Science Education to All Public School Students


General Assembly is thrilled to celebrate a historic initiative in computer science education. On Wednesday, September 16th, New York City Mayor de Blasio announced Computer Science for All: Fundamentals for Our Future, which pledges computer science education for every NYC student within 10 years. In a partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation, the AOL Charitable Foundation, and the Solomon Wilson Family Foundation, the move sets aside $81 million to make this program possible.

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Laugh & Learn Newsletter Lightens Up The Tech Conversation

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Salman came to General Assembly as an engineer looking for a tech community to jump into. He ended up as a beloved Back-End Web Development instructor, both in New York City and San Francisco. Realizing the importance of “soft skills” for developers, he started the Laugh & Learn newsletter to provide a well-rounded continued learning experience for his students and job-seeking techies. 

Salman will be teaching Building Startup Ideas at our San Francisco campus on Thursday 7, May, 2015.

Follow Salman on Twitter: @daretorant

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Fussy Empowers Cosmetologists to Take Charge of their Careers

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Patrice Peck
Patrice’s idea for starting Fussy, a social network for cosmetologists aiming to achieve their professional goals, stems back to her days as a teenager.A solo non-tech founder, she not only single-handedly manages her business, but she also built her website MVP while learning to code in GA’s Front End Web Development course. Follow her on Twitter: @SpeakPatrice.

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NYC Hackathon Disrupts Food Safety (In a Good Way)


Hack Dining Image

Image Courtesy of Hack//Dining NYC

Two weekends ago, rabble-rousers from the foodservice industry joined forces with data scientists and design nerds to hack a better future for the dining industry during Food + Tech Connect’s annual Hack// Dining NYC. 

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Introduction To The NYC Startup Community


Whether you’re looking to found your own startup or wishing to become a part of a budding team, getting acquainted with the New York tech scene can be somewhat overwhelming. To help you navigate your way through this complex web (pun intended), we’ve put together a comprehensive guide full of resources NYC startup enthusiasts use regularly to stay connected, advice to keep in mind as you get started, and places you can go where everyone will know your name (removed for copyright infringement).

“A startup is not a smaller version of a large company. It’s a temporary organization designed to search for a scalable business model.” – Steve Blank

Download This Deck For Free Here
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Alumni Unleash Their Creative Sides


General Assembly students take a mid-week break to focus on their creative sides. At the Painting Lounge, a group of NYC grads from all different courses expressed themselves through art.


“Absolutely loved this class!! It’s really great to have the opportunity to do these sorts of events and bring friends and meet new people.” – Molly Gillette, Web Designer at Jeffries & Co., Graduate of General Assembly’s Product Management Class.



Policy Makers Talk Tech with NYC Community at General Assembly


Andrew Rasiej, Brad Hargreaves, Julie Samuels, Senator Chuck Schumer, Jake Schwartz, and Derek Parham at General Assembly

Andrew Rasiej, Brad Hargreaves, Julie Samuels, Senator Chuck Schumer, Jake Schwartz, and Derek Parham at General Assembly to discuss patent reform.

Last week, we were pleased to host two events that gave members of the General Assembly community an opportunity to engage with federal policy makers who are focused on promoting entrepreneurship and helping high-tech companies continue to grow and fuel job creation in the United States.

On Friday, we joined with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Engine Advocacy, and New York Tech Meetup, to host an event on patent reform featuring special guest Senator Chuck Schumer of New York. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, policy wonks and other members of the tech community gathered at GA to hear Senator Schumer talk about his efforts to protect innovation in America through reforming our nation’s outdated system of patent regulation. In his opening remarks, GA Co-Founder and CEO Jake Schwartz tied the issue back to our community, a group of innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs we as a country can’t afford to stifle because outdated laws.

Crowd shot at GA event with NY senator Chuck Schumer  Round Table with Congressman Tom Marino of Pennsylvania
Patent reform event with guest Senator Chuck Schumer of NY; round table with Congressman Tom Marino of PA

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An Open Letter to Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio



Dear Mr. Mayor-Elect,

On behalf of General Assembly, and the broader NYC tech community, I’d like to congratulate you on your decisive victory in yesterday’s election.

Over the past several years, we’ve all seen New York City emerge as one of the country’s strongest and most attractive startup ecosystems.  This wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of City Hall and the Economic Development Corporation.  GA is living proof of this: we were founded with the support of the Economic Development Corporation, and in less than three years, we’ve grown from four co-founders to 100 full-time employees in New York, and about 100 more worldwide.

So, Mr. de Blasio, I am confident that as Mayor, you will also be committed to maintaining our place as a global technology hub, and continue to support and encourage the city’s entrepreneurs, innovators and creators, in the same way that the city supported us.

As you begin to build your team and prioritize the issues where your administration will focus its efforts, I want to offer a few thoughts on why tech matters to NYC, and what you can do to keep us on the right path:

1) Tech means diversification.

Tech is important to New York City for a lot of reasons, but one in particular stands out: the economy. Ten years ago, NYC’s tax revenue was overly dependent on financial services – and we all now know that was a precarious dependency. High growth tech companies are the best hope towards creating a more sustainable and diversified tax base for our city’s future well being.

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True Coding Stories: Nicky Hughes


Nicky Hughes, WDI Alumni

Meet Nicky Hughes, graduate of General Assembly’s 12-week Web Development Immersive (WDI) program who recently landed a job as a Rails developer at a startup. It is now a family affair — Nicky’s husband was so inspired, that he just enrolled in WDI too. – Mercedes Bent, General Assembly

Eight months ago, I was an architect in Sydney, Australia. After a three-month crash course in web development from General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive (WDI) program in New York City, I’m now proud to call myself a Rails developer, with a full-time job back in my hometown at a tech startup called Tapestry.

Coding and web development weren’t new to me. In high school, I studied coding in Visual Basic, but those skills got tucked away in a corner of my memory as I concentrated my energies on a career in architecture.

Originally viewing it solely as a resource that could come in handy at my current job, I started teaching myself Ruby. However, as I got into it, I quickly began to recall the love for coding I developed in high school, and made the decision to leave architecture in pursuit of a career in web development. In order to do this, I’d need a more comprehensive and structured curriculum than simply learning on my own, so I applied for WDI, traveled across the globe to New York City, and set out to write a blog about the experience called, Nicky on Rails.

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GA Summer Soirée


Rooftop Party for Sherpaa, Pencils of Promise, and General Assembly

We love a good party around here.  And when it’s a party for something we believe in, we take it pretty seriously.

We recently joined forces with Sherpaa to throw quite the bash in an effort to increase access to education in high-need communities via Pencils of Promise.  PoP focuses on building strong structures and sustainable education programs throughout Laos, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

The soiree took place at SOAKED, one of NYC’s newest rooftop venues above the Mondrian Hotel in SOHO. Signature drinks, great music, and a picture perfect view of the city made for a memorable summer night for all.

Half of all the proceeds went to PoP to help build a school and spread education in Guatemala.  We’ll drink to that.

And no, you’re not seeing double.  Our party hosts aren’t twins, but might as well be.

Melanie Stevenson, Matt Brimer, and Jay Parkinson