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Music Lover Launches an Accelerator For Aspiring Artists

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Clayton Janes loves music and classic British cars (as you can see in his photograph). Being in the music industry for nearly twelve years, he’s decided to start The Music Accelerator, an accelerator program designed specifically for aspiring artists. After mastering his coding skills, he’s on to his next venture: growing the business and bringing exposure to new talent.

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10 Songs To Keep You Motivated at Work


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Image courtesy of Thomas Hank on Flickr

We all have bad days. Even at a job you love, long hours and tedious procedures can get you down. Sometimes, there’s no better way to get rid of those workday blues than listening to your favorite music to reinvigorate your sense of purpose. Here are 10 songs that are sure to get your head bopping and hands typing.

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#HackTheHolidays, Day 1: Party Playlist


Tis the season for giving. Here at GA, we’re getting into the spirit with a weeks’ worth of treats to help you efficiently navigate the holidays. For starters, let’s tune up. Nothing sets the mood like the right music, but finding it can take time you don’t have. Which is why we’ve put together a playlist of some of our holiday favorites — good for scoring your company party, adding cheer to your commute, or drowning out the sounds of your neighbors’ cats.

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