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Yapper App Let’s You Connect at SXSW and At Home

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Rob, the co-founder and president of Yapper, wants to help you connect with others in a more effective way. Our Mobile Development graduate created this app to reverse the goal of social media. Instead of meeting online, you can now better connect digitally with people who you’ve met in person. Recently, the Yapper team was tasked with organizing Washington’s presence at SXSW 2015. They’ve been named the “Official App of the DC House at SXSW.”

TLDR: If you’re from DC, and you’ll be traveling to SXSW, you should absolutely download Yapper.

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The Future of Mobile: Top 10 Mobile Development Predictions For 2015


Mobile-Prototyping-IOS7 2

10 things you can expect to see in the world of mobile this year.

With huge improvements to mobile devices and wearables in 2015, app developers are having to evolve in order to navigate the new landscape and stand out among the competition. Just last week, a number of hardware and software providers made waves at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, setting the bar high for third-party apps and developers for the year to come. Even more recently, Apple’s Watch announcement changed the game by staking a whole new category.

We sat down with Amol Sogal, mobile product manager at StumbleUpon, and Greg Isenberg, Founder & CEO of mobile video app, 5by, to hear their predictions on the future of mobile. Both StumbleUpon and 5by overhauled their mobile apps this fall including adding all-new core experiences, new navigation paradigms and transitioning to more interactive user interfaces. According to them, here are 10 trends you can expect across the mobile development space in 2015.

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Forget Mobile First, Think Mobile Only



Nearly five years ago Luke Wroblewski, formerly the Chief Design Architect at Yahoo! Inc, advocated a radical new concept. Shocking the audience of web developers at An Event Apart in Seattle, Wroblewski announced that it was time for ‘mobile first!’ Given an undeveloped app market for the 700 million people with mobile devices globally at the time (that number has since more than doubled), he believed that mobile offered an opportunity for explosive growth that products for PCs could not match.

He also underscored the importance of constraints and capabilities that mobile realities enforce and provide for product managers, a critical factor for innovation that Peter Sims has detailed in Little Bets.

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Android, iOS, or Windows: Which Mobile Development Platform is Right For Your App?


Understanding-Mobile-User-ExperienceWhen you set out to build a mobile app, one of the first things you will need to decide is just what kind of app to build. Should you build an app for the iPhone? What about the Android? Should you forego a traditional app, and bet it all on a HTML-based web app?

In this post, I’m going to walk you across the mobile development landscape, and share the lessons I’ve learned to help you decide the right mobile platform for your app.

Build Native, or Go Web-Based?

When you think of a mobile app, you are likely envisioning an app you download via a marketplace like Apple’s iTunes. Apps like these are called ‘native’ apps, because they live on your phone, and run directly atop your smartphone’s operating system.

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