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Experience doesn’t matter: Industry veterans and aspiring talent are equally qualified to break into digital marketing


Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing Skills

All aboard! It’s never been a better time to embark on your digital marketing journey.

We all seek experience. Personally and professionally, experience captures what we’ve done and what we have the potential to do. In hiring, prior experience is used as a shortcut to qualify job-seekers for interviews, job offers, and higher compensation. This shortcut works well in steady fields where the practices of the industry rarely change. If someone has done it before, they can probably do it again.

But does this shortcut work in a field that is dramatically changing? Marketing is an occupation undergoing rapid change. Adults now spend six hours a day with digital media, compared to three hours a day in 2009. As consumers move social, professional, and personal interactions online, advertising has followed. 2016 was the first year that digital media overtook TV as the largest channel for ad spending. Successful digital campaigns now require proficiencies across a host of new platforms, and the question for veterans and aspiring marketers is: Does general experience in marketing still matter?

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11 Skills You Need to Land Your Dream Marketing Job


Dream Marketing Job

In 2015, the Harvard Business Review proclaimed that marketing is dead and loyalty killed it. What does that really mean for established marketers and those looking to forge a career in the field of marketing?

In today’s business climate, consumers are frequently seeking solutions to their problems. Often, they’re able to find multiple possible solutions just from running a simple Google search. These solutions often come in the form of online tools that make us more productive at work, products that make our lives easier, and experiences that help us grow in both our personal lives and careers. On the flip side, you deserve to pursue meaningful work.

This means that the tools, products, and brands that are willing to offer as much value as possible to their prospective customers without requiring them pay or sign up for a seven-day trial with their credit cards, are going to build the most meaningful customer relationships.

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4 Skills You Need to Get Promoted as a Marketer


marketing skills

It’s a great time to be a marketer. That’s because the tech industry is undergoing a major paradigm shift, in which data has become a top priority. Marketers have assumed responsibility for connecting their companies’ core business arms — sales, product, engineering, IT, and analytics. Marketers are no longer limited to support and brand-building functions. Instead, they’re implementing programs to drive revenue. 

As a marketer, you’re in an unparalleled position to drive significant value to your organization. Not to mention, the solutions that you introduce are likely to be completely out of the box. As the business ecosystem becomes increasingly data-driven, there is significant opportunity to introduce new, creative solutions. In other words, it’s up to you to define your own career trajectory — and roadmap for getting promoted.

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