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Microlearning: best practices for corporations



For the past few years, learning and development professionals have been talking about microlearning so much that it has taken an official seat–alongside badging, gamification, and MOOCs–in the E-Learning Buzzword Hall of Fame.

Though it may be trendy right now, microlearning is not a newly invented approach. It is a realization of how the human brain is wired to learn, and it is considered to be one of the best instructional approaches for new age learners.

So what is microlearning? Why has it recently become so popular in the corporate world in particular? And how are we harnessing its power at General Assembly?

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3 Insights from the HR Tech World Congress


tech world

Bonus insight: it’s tough to take a great photo when you’re in the cheap seats.

Last week, I attended the HR Tech World Congress in Paris. From humble beginnings, HR Tech World has grown to be one of the most significant gatherings of HR professionals in Europe, with conferences in London, Amsterdam, and now Paris.

Though most of the conference was centered on IT for HR services–with companies like SAP, IBM, Oracle, and Workday presenting their latest products–the first day of the conference offered breakout sessions focused on learning & training initiatives.

There are three key takeaways I’d like to share from their talks–and from the broader Learning & Development conversations that were happening at the conference:

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