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Finding a UX Design Job: Chapter 3



Rain is a recent UX Design Immersive graduate, full time UX designer, and fan of good clean designs. In this blog she tells her story of finding a job and her insights to the London UX field. Here are her first and second chapters.

So I did the leg work and the phone was finally ringing. Each company is different in its process of hiring, as are recruiters. I will try and cover all here:

The email:

This can come from any of the online places you published yourself as well as a direct response to your application. These emails tend to be short and aim to filter you from the other applicants. Questions will be direct and ask for your salary expectations, type of work and starting date. If you don’t know the answer or want to see what they might offer, try and research the company a bit to get a sense of the role before responding. If the person contacting you is in HR or a hiring manager, try and set a face to face interview at this point to skip the phone call stage.

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