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John Rossman on How the Internet of Things Transforms Businesses


Amazon Way on IoT John Rossman Interview

Author and tech-industry veteran John Rossman, whose new book takes a deep dive into the Internet of Things.

When it comes to enhancing customer experiences and improving business operations, the future lies in the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is the ability to take an analog or physical capability and create a digital version of that experience. For example, the Nest thermostat helps lower energy costs by using sensors and your phone’s location to adjust the temperature when you leave the house. Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator allows you to order groceries from FreshDirect right from its door.

From a business standpoint, IoT technology allows for smarter, data-driven models that enable higher efficiency and better outcomes. From a consumer standpoint, it can transform the way we think about some of our most routine daily actions. IoT technology requires elements of data science and analytics, product management, and user experience — and because of this, it’s a cross-functional industry with tons of opportunity for growth.

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John Rossman on How Amazon Harnesses the Internet of Things to Be Relentless (Book Excerpt)


The Amazon Way on IoT John Rossman

John Rossman’s new book, The Amazon Way on IoT.

Amazon has long been at the forefront of emerging technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is no exception. IoT technology, which allows objects to send and receive data through internet connectivity, is changing the way we interact with everyday objects. For example, you can control your air conditioner through a mobile app or track your health stats through a wristband.

On the consumer side, Amazon introduced the Dash Button, which allows customers to reorder an item with the touch of a standalone button. For businesses, the eCommerce giant launched AWS IoT, a platform for developers to build, manage, and analyze their own IoT devices.

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A Framework for Trendspotting



It’s 1977 and a CEO stands at the head of a boardroom and makes a sweeping declaration: “Personal computers will redefine the way business is done in the future.” There is some agreement–and conformity–in the room, while others struggle to understand what a “personal computer” even is.

Fast forward to 2015, and a CEO, mid-way through an hour-long Google Hangout with his leadership team, makes a sweeping declaration: “Big Data is will change our business forever.” Again, there is some agreement, but for the majority, “big data” is just another overhyped buzzword.

The personal computer did end up redefining business; it’s also redefined almost every aspect of society. Will the same be true for Big Data? With so much noise, jargon, and opinion surrounding the impact of future trends–Mobile, Social, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data–how can you identify game-changing trends from short-lived fads?

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