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The Best Apps For New Web Developers


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2014 was a bad year for paper. When CareerCast released its list of the year’s most endangered jobs last June, it was clear that tech advancements were (at least partially) to blame. Newspaper reporters face growth prospects of -13%, while printing workers face job “growth” of -5%.

But for those who can build apps and websites, the future looks grand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that from 2012-2022, web developers have projected job growth of 20% – “faster than average for all occupations.” And your entrepreneurial spirit is in luck – a quarter of all web developers were self employed in 2012, earning an average of $30.05 per hour.

If you love to solve tough problems, can think systemically, and break complex ideas into solvable stages, web development could be your dream career. How can you tell if the work is for you?

Check out these apps to help you test the waters:

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We’re Building a New Mobile App, and We Want Your Help


Community App by General Assembly

We’re building our first community-driven mobile app, and we’re looking for awesome curators to help us make it great.

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