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Coding For Change: Opportunity Fund Fellow Mentors All-Girl Hackathon



Students coding for change at IGNITE International Girls Hackathon at General Assembly in NYC.

This past weekend, I attended my very first hackathon, the Ignite International Girls Hackathon at General Assembly. The event, part of IGNITE: Women Fueling Science and Technology, sets out to explore the roles of science and technology to advance gender equality in the tech field.

Unlike most first-time hackathon stories, I was not there to code myself.
Instead, I was there as a mentor for the event’s hackers—the incredible ladies of Girls Who Code. The global event called on girl hackers to help create websites or applications to identify, build, or increase access to safe spaces for women and girls—no easy feat.

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The Best Interactive Tools To Help Kids Learn To Code (While Having Fun)


kids coding image

As a mother of two boys under age 10, I know how hungry to learn children can be. My kids could teach themselves to read literature in Russian if they thought it would be fun. I kept that in mind while researching the best resources to teach kids to code. What children need is something that makes coding engaging, exciting, and (the word that parents cannot utter without turning whatever they are talking about into anything but) cool. Here are some apps, online programs, and camps to help your future coders get started.

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Made with Code Feature: Maddy Maxey


Along with Chelsea Clinton, Girl Scouts of the USA, Mindy Kaling, MIT Media Lab, TechCrunch and more, Google has launched Made with Code, an initiative to inspire girls to code.

We’re thrilled to share that one of our Back-End Web Development graduates, Maddy Maxey, is featured alongside talented young women using code to further their passions. Maddey is the co-founder of Crated and heavily involved at the intersection of technology and fashion. Learn more about Maddy’s work on Made with Code in this video preview:

We had a chance to sit with Maddy and hear about this exciting initiative and everything that’s going on with her company, Crated:

1. What is it about wearable tech that’s so fascinating to you?

I find most things about the world interesting. Wearable tech has become my silo because it combines my background in fashion and my love for technology and tinkering.

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