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GA alum Advocates Importance of UX Design in Cambodia



Since graduating from GA DC’s first UXDI course last year summer, Nina has honed her skills with freelance gigs, one of them at a big political consulting firm. When Nina wasn’t freelancing or leading a Code for America chapter, she made time for Visual Design this spring. Since her second GA graduation, she’s been exploring the nonprofit space by working with the Asia Foundation. After her work in Cambodia, Nina is considering other ways she can share the value of good UX in DC and beyond.

Keep up with Nina on Twitter @nbaliga1.

What were you doing before you came to GA?

I was a freelance UX designer and digital strategist. Prior to doing freelance UX, I was working at several digital marketing agencies as a project manager/account manager/digital strategist.

What did you choose to take a course with us?

I wanted to develop my portfolio to make myself more marketable. I also wanted to leverage the GA network to make more contacts to increase my number of freelance gigs.

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How to Get Paid What You’re Worth


money image

As a freelancer, your goal isn’t just to make ends meet — it’s to get paid what you’re worth.

This quick guide will help get you started, but you’ll have to revisit this topic throughout your career. Remember, what you charge will largely depend on your industry, your level of experience, and your area — and may also vary client-to-client.

Some of these tips come from the founder of Freelancers Union, Sara Horowitz. If you want to learn more about pricing, check out her book, The Freelancers Bible.

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12 Signs You’re Ready to Go Freelance



Escaping the 9-5 prison and voyaging into the Great Unknown can be a bit intimidating. Many people who want to freelance take years to make the leap (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing).

But how do you know you’re ready? Here are 12 serious and not-so-serious signs it’s time to make the leap.

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