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How to Shift Your Talent Strategy During Economic Volatility


Today’s talent market is undergoing a major shift, and organizations are rethinking their talent strategies. After a period of massive hiring and growth, some companies are taking a step back and reducing their workforce, such as through layoffs or hiring freezes. Many organizations are taking a more thoughtful approach to hiring, selectively filling only key roles. Other companies still in growth mode see this as an opportunity to recruit top talent in a tight job market. Yet all businesses have one thing in common during times of economic volatility: a desire to shore up and future-proof their workforce against whatever comes next. 

While investments in employer branding and talent development efforts can easily fall to the wayside during economic slowdowns, companies that are in it for the long haul can’t afford to press pause. Here are three things to consider as you evolve your organization’s talent strategy in the face of uncertainty. 

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