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Tips To Recognize, Understand, and Use “Evil” Design



I’m sure you know the feeling. Beyonce tickets are about to go on sale and you have your hand anxiously hovering over the mouse in hopes of clicking the “buy tickets” button at the opportune moment. You only have one chance because tickets will sell out in seconds. The clock strikes the hour and you’re off to the races.

Heart pounding, you type in the CAPTCHA hoping you don’t make a mistake because time is of the essence now. If you’re lucky enough to actually secure a pair of tickets and make it to the purchase screen there is still no relief in sight. Now the infamous countdown clock begins in the bottom corner of the screen, displaying the words “Time left to complete page”. The red numbers tick down as you vigorously enter in all your information only to hit the “purchase” button with a few seconds to spare. You’re basically Indiana Jones.

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